CREATING A MONTHLY canvas shot for your review and purchase. 8x10 are 45.00 and 11x14 80.00. larger sizes available. all will have a story as to how i put the shot together.

mother and i went to the feed store and i purchased a dozen yard eggs. after returning home i opened the truck door to unload and guess what fell out first!! i salvaged the ones you see here and i placed them in this plastic pink egg shaped bowl to put in fridge. this is the table runner i have on my dining table. i looked at the pink bowl of beautiful yard eggs in my hand and the lovely colorful runner on the table and this shot was born. sooooooo you see sometime it's the simple things that create beautiful art.

you'll have your choice of the the three applications i created for april 2016 to add this cheerful canvas to your kitchen or as a gift.

3/4" wrapped handmade stretched canvas in your choice of sizes. email me at michele@photphyllis.com for any questions.



Make sure you check out the launch of watercolor whimsy at Mc Hugh tea room 5305 bissonnet street, bellaire, texas 77401 713-208-6300.  i'll have 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 for your viewing and purchase.  cash, check, and credit available for your convenience.   they are my photos that i have created watercolors with a whimsy flair in color and presentation.  adorable and available for your special orders! the critters are precious and the landscapes mesmerizing!   look forward to seeing you are the tea room for a great lunch and fellowship!!  and always, thank you all for your support!!  kindest, michele


your photo to custom canvas

through my passion of photography, every image you see on my website, from the original shot to the finished canvas was created by me.  bring works of art into your home, your art!  take pictures, old and new, of your loved ones and turn them into priceless works of art on canvas.  celebrate the beauty of arranging color, canvas sizing, and genre to create walls of distinction. don't forget "interior design with budgets in mind". whether it's in your yard or across the globe, every canvas and every home has a story, what's yours? michele