- what's your story?  tell it on canvas
 biography and artist statement

"everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike." john muir 

because I travel the world in search of the next cultural experience, architectural feature, and the nature that surrounds me, I tell my story on canvas.  any act of creating is connecting to people in their cultures and the senses.  art is not always about words, it is the feeling you get maybe wishing you were in this far away place or visual of growing these magnificent flowers in your garden.  that is what I try to express in my work.

I capture my medium in the closeups that bring the detail of beautiful bright flowers or the lines in 100 to 1,000(s) year old architecture to you.  you can almost smell the fragrance and bring wonder to the hands that created these works of art/history.

people tell me that when they share in my pictures they feel like they were with me on this trip. there is no better feeling of fulfillment when your passion is recognized in the hearts of others.  you know people feel and see what you saw, they truly get it.  we are such a small piece on this big beautiful marble we call home soooo to capture in its beauty for just one shot hopefully stirs others to make their journey and tell their story.

I have been shooting since the 70's and have won honors several years in the Bellaire Buzz and and finished up march 2014 with a exhibit at st. lukes methodist church on westheimer. it has now been two years and i have been invited back to exhibit for the month of march 2016.  WHIMSY it will be!!  

now i can bring these works of art into your home or turn them into watercolors.  I take my free lance photography or picture you have of your loved ones, children, families, the family pet, and turn them into a priceless handmade canvas work of art or watercolors.  maybe you have been to a destination and want to capture that moment.  I can accomplish that for you.
whether it's in the yard, a family gathering, small wedding, or across the world, every canvas has a story, what's yours??  
It would be my pleasure to put my experience to work for you.  michele

michele in ireland
michele in ireland
rock of cashel