- what's your story?  tell it on canvas
“michele has an eye that has captured my heart and many priceless memories.  family functions. weddings, graduations, our babies growing up, vacations all over this beautiful world and some of the funniest moments we have laughed until we cried.  i only wish my eyes captured the beauty she can see."
b k wisham

"michele has been a friend of mine for over 35 years, even before she was bestowed the name photophyllis.  we got together frequently for travel, family functions, girl weekends. she always had camera in hand and everyone was excited to see her photographs.  she is candid. she sees the extraordinary beauty of the world and the people in it.  a narrator.  her photographs tell the story of historical architectural structures, nature, love, the innocence of a child, the glory of winning and the agony of defeat.  although she is versatile in her subjects; every photograph has something to say."
judy mc knight

you do so many things, have no fear to tackle any project, have an unbelievable talent for all you attempt, and are excellent at all you do!  when i walk through my house, every room has a piece you have made for me: many baskets, a woodblock magnet board, a fancy/fun cigar box, a framed dragonfly out of your wonderful photography collection, priceless canvases of sisters and grandsons, and the list goes on!  when i look at each piece, i'm reminded of the beautiful friendship we have and how precious you and that friendship are to me.  you know how much i love you and how great i think your talent is! i would hate to miss on the opportunity to be a part of this for you!!  
faye sullivan

michele's love of life, people, nature, and travel is truly evident in her art.  the stories each piece tells is not only's inspiring and makes people smile from ear to ear!  i've supported her art business in my tea room in bellaire, texas for almost two years.  she's the most successful local artist i've ever represented.  her attention to the customers' needs, her professionalism and her uncanny ability to deliver unique work time after time has made her a local celebrity in my tea room!
kim mchugh

i first met michele at a class in bellaire at mc hugh tea shop about a year and a half ago.  i had already admired her artwork displayed in the tea shop every time i visited and once she started teaching some craft classes there, i got to know her much better.  i've take quite a few classes over this time and learned many new things from her and how to recycle items into craft projects.  she is an amazing, creative artist and i dearly love being in her classes.  i am so happy she will have the opportunity to share some of her work with out st. luke's community.
carla hansson

i can't say enough about michele's talent and patience in making the most beautiful and memorable gifts!  her creativity, knowledge, and fantastic eye are evident in all her work. from beautiful note cards made with gorgeous photographs of texas, to canvas prints that will last a lifetime, i can depend on michele to produce a beautiful product! she is a pleasure to know and to work with.
camela elliott

as i was pondering yet another birthday gift for my impossible-to-buy-for husband, i thought of the beautiful canvas photos michele did for the houston museum of natural science volunteer library and for several mutual hmns friends.  inspiration struck!  i sent her a sample of my husband's favorite photos from some of our recent "exotic" vacations, and she worked wonders with them-turning them into truly works of art that we can display proudly in our home!  michele helped select the best photos: "cleaned up" his amateur photos, cropping and centering them.  we worked together to come up with an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, making sure there was at least one photo to commemorate each trip.  my husband was thrilled with the unique and personal gift, and we've already told michele we will be in touch after we return from our next trip!

p.s. while we were at it, i also had her do several other photos for other gifts-including my son, two sister-in-laws, and a niece!  so many gifts resolved in one quick and easy step!
gail peterkin